Executive Vice President Report

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s been great seeing old friends and few faces on campus.

I would like to sincerely thank all of those who voted in the last election! As your new Executive Vice President, I along with all of USG will do our best to represent and fight for you. As many of you might have heard, during the summer the City College of New York was ranked the #1 public college in the entire state of New York! So lets keep the movement and the energy going!

This year, we will be bringing back several scholarships to help struggling CCNY undergrads. We will also be working with several alumni in planning events and networking opportunities. USG will also be participating in a conference in the state capital to continue fighting for student rights. As we get moving in this new school year and semester we encourage you all to study hard and get involved!

As always, we value both your input and involvement on matters of the student body, and look forward to working for and with you all in making this year a great one!

With gratitude,

Mohammed A. Alam, Executive Vice President


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