Budget Requested Application 2014-2015

Instructions for Submission of Budget Requested Application to Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

TIME FRAME: April 24th- May 3rd 
DEADLINE: May3rd, 2014 at 5pm.

WHAT TO DO: Fill out the form. All signatures must be signed. If you have any question regards the budget application, please email kemakorn@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu

Noted: ONLY elected 2014-2015 Treasurer of your club can submit this application


Regular submission
-You must submit the physical copy of your budget requested application at NAC 1/111 Mon-Thursday from 12-5pm to one of the finance committee senators in the office. The confirmation receipt will be given to you along with the confirmation number for your club. If the senators are not available, please follow the direction provided below this section.

Friday, afterhours, and weekend submission
-The application drop box will be provided in front of NAC 1/111. You must email USG Treasure, Kemakorn Ithisuphalap (Kay), at Kemakorn@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu to get the confirmation that USG receive your application. You will get a reply within three (3) days of submission along with the confirmation number for your club.

USG Treasurer
Kemakorn Ithisuphalap (Kay)
NAC 1/106

Finance Committee Senators
Abir Khandakar: abir@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu
Ahmed Kayal: ahmedk@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu
Aziz Almassoudi: abdulaziz@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu 
Imran Ahmed: iahmed11@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu 
Kenny Soto: kenny@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu
Mostafa Hassan: mostafa@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu
Zeeshan Ali: zeeshan@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu 

Important Documents You Should Read Before Submission

1. The CBA Guidelines – This states what you may request from USG

2. The CBA – The Club Budget Application, to be filled out and submitted

3. The USCO Funding Act – Undergraduate Student Club & Organizations Funding Act whether states how USG funds

4. Resolution on USCO’s Membership Dues – Resolution which states clubs who charge dues may be ineligible to receive money from USG


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