CLAS Senators

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Malcolm Alexander

“For the past couple of years, I have been involved in various projects across campus. I have had the opportunity to work with talented students, faculty and administrators that work to make sure CCNY is a great place to get an education. Currently within our system, there a lot of things that do not work as well as they should.We should have programs, activities and infrastructure to attract the best students, while at the same time creating an atmosphere where no one is judged by their race, culture or sexual orientation.

We have to improve our Wi-Fi and network infrastructure. I want to create a committee that would work with CCNY IT to develop and execute plans to upgrade our aging network. We will actively seek out grants and programs that can be used to fund this technology upgrade.This way, more professors can create and stream more online content, and less textbooks will be needed. More students would be able to use their wireless devices during class to interact and learn from the professor. This will also decrease printing cost and CCNY’s impact on the environment. Once I have a plan, I will not rest or tire until that vision is realized. I have never been afraid to fight and advocate for things that are in the best interest of everyone.


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Michael Cruz

“I am running because I care about CCNY students and want to ensure we all have an extraordinary college experience. As a leader in community service and a current Senator-At-Large I know how to address the issues affecting our great school. As a CLAS Senator I will focus my time and energy on specific key areas of Students Run City (SRC) ‘s platform such as: increasing CCNY’s outreach to the local community, meet with local business owners and organizations to create partnerships for campus wide events and implement community forums to improve student engagement between the local community and student body. Additionally I want to work closely with the USG Vice-President for Community Affairs to create community service events the local schools in the area and Harlem Hospital.

Furthermore, I will: Represent all groups on campus.Develop framework to create a Women’s Center at CCNY. Increase the number of gender-neutral bathrooms around campus. I hope you will grant me the opportunity to serve you and CCNY!


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Asshur Cunningham

I have first hand experience with first-hand experience with the issues that student leaders like myself face. As a leader of the Gospel Choir, I understand the frustration of what many club leaders face in regards to club funding. As a result, I have decided to run as a CLAS senator because I want to continue the quest for better club funding and ensure that clubs have quick and easy access to the funds they have been promised. My mission is to see the student life on campus improve. I see City College as the school on the hill where students will be excited to attend, not just for the wonderful academic opportunities it offers, but for the array of activities it will present to its students. Which in turn will allow them to have a college experience that can be rivaled against the most prestigious schools in the nation.


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Nada Gamea

I’m a freshman pursuing a major in Political Science on the pre-med track. I’m currently a CLAS senator for USG running for a second term.  As a CLAS senator, I plan on working to create a more hygienic environment in the NAC Café, as well as more food options. I also hope to improve library services and prolonging Hoffman lounge hours. I will love to walk out of CCNY knowing that I made a difference in my school; better yet, knowing that WE, as STUDENTS, have left a legacy of making a difference in OUR school.


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Sundus Mujahid

I am a junior in Macaulay Honors College and I am majoring in International Studies with a minor in Biology. I am also apart of the pre-medical studies program. Currently, I am a senator in USG and the Vice-President of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network here on campus.  My goal, if elected, is to work with college administration and public safety to create an honor court where students can feel comfortable reporting any crimes on campus.  The honor court will uphold the college’s standards of academic honesty and ensure protection of its students.I also plan to advocate for reliable Wi-Fi connections throughout campus.  Additionally, I feel that all students on campus should have access to a library that is open 24/7. Thus I  will work alongside students in CLAS to advocate for them.  Lastly, I am also very involved on campus and if elected, I will continue to work towards bridging the gap between students and college administration.


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Latchmee Ramnarine

Since my freshmen year at CCNY, I have either faced, or have heard about many issues and conflicts amongst the student body. I personally have questioned where my tuition goes and have tried to understand if the breakdown is fair and equivalent to the benefits that come with paying tuition.  There is so much room for improvement that if students come together, real change can be done because their is strength in numbers.  Many people are stuck in the idea that they have to deal with what they are given, however, this mentality makes us stagnant. I want to show students that their voice does matter and with just a little bit of direction, they too can make moves for change.


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Kenny Soto

I am running for CLAS Senator because I feel like the facilities on our campus can be better, students should have easier access to starting a club, all students should also have access to a 24/7 library, I also want to be apart of USG in order to increase student interaction with one another.


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Sharmin Sultana

I am trying to open up certain language classes, aid in student complaints, and most importantly, keep Marshak library open for more hours for the Biology students. School improvement is as important to students as it is for me. Therefore, my mission is to raise school spirit through events to fundraise for the tools needed in class and improve study areas.


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Avery Toledo

“As a student of CCNY, I have experienced the many issues that plague our college. Specifically, the poorly maintained bathrooms, escalators that never seem to work, to our clubs not getting their funds in a timely manner. CCNY is a good institution, making a name for itself within the academic community, but it can be better! I am running for CLAS Senator because my experience puts me in a unique situation to be an asset to the Students Run City 2013 – 2014 slate, and put my abilities behind improving CCNY.
I have an extensive background in handling non-profit organizations.

My experiences have given me the ability to understand budgets and accomplish goals with few resources such as being a member of the Board of Governors for Shriners Hospital for Children and as the Vice President of Mecca Shriners. These skills will help me in finding solutions to the many problems that plagues our institution. As a successful business owner, I understand that CCNY’s issues are in part dependent on finances. However, my skills and knowledge gained from the outside business world will allow me to assist the USG in improving various systems that are currently not working well for the students.  If elected as CLAS Senator, I will do my best to put my skill and knowledge to work in order to benefit everyone. We want and demand better.


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