Engineering Senators

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Aziz Almassoudi

Commitment, persistence and a strong desire to help people in need are three main aspects that represent who I am. These qualities exemplify the style in which I live, and are palpable reasons for my success. They, along with my undeniable persistence, distinguish me from others and have helped to make me a leader in the college classroom. I know that often times college students have many concerns with the school environment but do not know who to go to for change, thus they simply complain and complain alone. As a person who truly values public service, I have taken it upon my self to represent my peers and be their voice so that their complaints can be heard. Other then being a direct resource of change, if elected Engineering Senator, I will work with school officials to make sure that CCNY students have as much resources as possible.

I am currently proposing USG funded competitions to give engineering students the opportunity to work on real, hands on projects that will enhance the school environment and make sure they get paid to do it. I also will work with club leaders to make sure that all engineering clubs know about school resources that help to fund engineering projects/competitions.

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Mostofa Hassan

Gaining a spot in the Undergraduate Student Government will allow me to reach out to who have complains or have ideas on how to make the campus a better place for students. There are students out there that are third of speaking up and not seeing change. My goal as an Engineering Senator is to make sure that CCNY students’ complaints and ideas are passed on to those responsible for taking action regarding those complaints. My experience as a Senator in 2012 through 2013 so far will make it easier for me to focus on problems as I have already ran into different types of them. My promise is to make the campus a more welcoming and friendly place for students like you.

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Zeeshan Saroya 

We understand that Students need to have a friendly environment in order to develop socially and academically. At this point of our lives we have become more and more dependent over our home college, since this is where we spend most of our time. For this reason we make it our commitment to improve City College’s atmosphere by increasing the amount of visible activities on campus and in this way make student’s time in campus more enjoyable and productive. Our plan includes, but is not limited to the implementation of a cultural week, in which we can enjoy of the colossal diversity that City College has to offer while learning about what makes all these cultures so unique.

Other planned events to kindle the whole concept of “college spirit” are bringing more events to our campus. Furthermore, as Student Government we acknowledge the fact that students do not depend on us but the other way around. For this reason we plan to always keep an open mind to all ideas brought by the student population and to our best attempt to make it a reality.

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Abir Khandaker

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Kudzai Tunduwani


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