SEEK Senators

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Maria Deaquis

It is time the SEEK community be involved with the Undergraduate Student Government so that we can the mutual benefit of helping each other and building a stronger campus community.  I am not only aiming  to tackle issues within the SEEK department, but help USG along with matters concerning education, budget, personnel, and of course long range plans. Step by step with the help of everyone, we can help me City College a more enriching and wonderful experience


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Aryanna Osario

Since the beginning of my freshman year I have always wanted to get involved in our college community. By running for SEEK senator, I plan to work with a variety of students in bringing our campus to life through fresh ideas and activities. As a student in office, I believe it is important that voluntary suggestions and help of anyone enthusiastic about a better campus and community should be recognized and acted upon. I also plan to offer my support to any student wherever and whenever needed, and always look forward to being involved in new opportunities.

As students, each of us have as voice, and together, that voice becomes much greater. By exploring the many possibilities of our future school together, we can do the best we can to ensure our entire student body gets to most out of their college experience here at City.


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Christine Irizarry

I am an environmentalist at heart and I wish to advocate for the City College of New York to be the first of all CUNY campuses to institute a regard for a ‘greener’ campus and surrounding community.  A ‘greener’ campus would become a valuable role model for other CUNY campuses, the surrounding public schools, as well as the general Harlem community. With displays of action there will be an increased awareness for healthier ways to live and healthier ways to treat the environment. I would like to mainly focus on the collaboration of ideas with the environmentalist clubs on campus as well as some of the engineers and have these particular individuals come up with something more than a tiny solar panel by the tennis courts on the Marshak building.

Eventually this could lead more students from different programs and majors to get involved and use their specified skills to advocate for an energy efficient present and future. This selfless regard for advocacy and action will promote a better outlet for the CCNY students for job and internship opportunities.


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