Sophie Davis Senators

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Terrence Park

As a potential Bio-med Senator I will to the best of my ability bring about improvements and other changes to the school that can benefit the entire student body. As Bio-med Senator, I will implement longer or 24/7 library hours, assuring that all students have the opportunity to use the vast resources and the state of the art equipment the library has to offer. As some of you may have noticed, the tuition has increased incrementally over the years. The tuition hike is something that many of us are not especially pleased about. As Bio-med Senator, I seek to suppress such increases in tuition because at the end of the day many of us have a budget to maintain.

If such proposals do not follow through in regards to stopping tuition hikes, I will assure the student body of alternative ways to meet the steadily increasing tuition by bringing to light scholarship opportunities, paid research, and work-study programs that CCNY has to offer. More importantly, the most important aspect to a Bio-med Senator would be his or her ability to take into account the visions of the student body. I have mentioned a few of my plans as Bio-med Senator, but if there are any other suggestions for improvements in the school and overall quality of life at CCNY I will to the best of my ability bring such suggestions into fruition.

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Imran Ahmed

With such a diverse community here at CCNY it is important to make sure the needs of the students are met adequately. As a current Bio-Med Senator in USG I have participated and helped organize several events for the student body. I believe that my experience as a member of USG has allowed me to develop personally, and contribute to my school in a positive way. If re-elected to my current position I will continue to work with colleagues, administrators, and other members of the CCNY community to work towards a great academic year.

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Rasheda Browne

I am running for Bio-Med Senator to be an improved link of communication between Sophie Davis and City College. I would like to update Sophie Davis students with events, contact information of clubs and USG scholarships to encourage them to be more involved on campus. I would also like to inform City College students of clubs and events that Sophie Davis students run. In the long run, I want to encourage more unity on campus among students of all disciplines.


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Nithin Thampi


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